The start of the year is surely the bleakest time of the year; with Christmas a distant (and expensive) memory, and months to go before any hope of warmer weather.  Increasingly these days it seems that January is the month for self-punishment after the excesses of December.  Everyone is either clogging up the gyms, saving money, dieting, abstaining from alcohol or practising short-term veganism.  All sure-fire ways to cheer yourself through to Spring, right?

Emmett’s of Peasenhall, Suffolk

Emmett’s of Peasenhall have an alternative solution to the new year blues.  It’s definitely one for Veganuary followers to skip but for bacon fans it will definitely raise a smile.

For the last 5 years Emmett’s have rolled out their New Year breakfast offer: A cooked breakfast with an enticing tiny price tag.  For the duration of January, February and March customers can tuck into a cooked breakfast for £2.19.  Last year it was £2.18, the year before £2.17…. you get the idea. A penny a year is not a bad rate of inflation.

2019 Breakfast offer

But this is by no means a ‘budget’ breakfast! Seizing on a great way to showcase their range of shop items; Emmett’s will fill your plate with:

  • A slice of Suffolk stoneground bread
  • A generous helping of their Suffolk ham
  • A fried Havensfield egg
  • A few rashers of their mild-cured bacon
  • A dollop of delicious Sri Lankan chutney
  • A mug of tea or coffee

All of these items are available in their fine-food shop and most are sourced locally.

The team at Emmett’s are helpful and knowledgeable; happy to discuss anything from the benefits of nitrate-free food to their illustrious history, holding a royal warrant for 36 years. It’s no surprise, then that the little café is popular with locals, all receiving a warm welcome & children being provided with plentiful drawing supplies to keep them entertained.  We felt a warmth here that was about much more than quality ingredients in an on-budget breakfast.

Emmett’s Deli and fine food shop

After breakfast we spent a pleasant time browsing the many tempting delicacies on offer in the shop & chatting with the owner.  We discovered that the only danger of Emmett’s at this time of year is that what you save on breakfast will likely be spent (and then a bit more) on the amazing selection of deli-treats.

Still, I don’t think I could cook breakfast at home for two with change from a £5 note……AND I’d have to do the washing up!



The 2019 New Year Breakfast deal runs from 1st January to 31st March and is available all day!

Breakfast for £2.19? Emmett’s New Year breakfast deal is back
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