This short walk takes in a little of everything in Southwold: The High Street, sea and river. The route takes walkers past some highly recommended foodie pit-stops along the way.

1. Begin at The Harbour Inn (Going in for a pint to start is optional but encouraged). With the pub on your right and the river on the left; turn right into York Road, over the small bridge and walk the length of it into the town. You will pass the golf club, a water tower and the rugby club.

2. At Barnaby Green triangular junction take the right hand fork and continue towards the High Street.

3. Turn right onto the High Street. Slate and Adnams should be almost opposite and are not ones to pass by.

  • Slate: A must-visit for cheese fans; these guys stock an enormous selection of fantastic cheeses and deli provisions.


  • Adnams: Brewing in Sole Bay since 1872 Adnams is now synonymous with the town of Southwold but also has shops selling everything from beer, spirits and kitchen wares across East Anglia. Their flagship store and café is a great pit-stop or, if you have more time, why not take a tour of their brewery?


Continue your journey down the High Street. There are a wealth of interesting and independent shops to visit, highlights include:

  • Black Olive Delicatessen: A lovely, traditional deli run by food-fanatic Tracy. A treasure trove of interesting local produce and amazing pies.


  • Two Magpies Bakery: Award winning bakery and (dog friendly) café with an ever-changing menu to sample on site or take home for later. Well worth grabbing an Allpress coffee while you’re here too!


  • Stag Interiors: A great independent interiors shop crammed with unique furniture, lighting and accessories.


4. At the fork in the road bear left, towards the seafront.

  • Harris and James: Make sure you save some room for this little gem! Harris and James are coffee roasters, chocolatiers and gelato makers. Grab a coffee and a cone for the walk along the beach or sit in their bijou (dog friendly) cafe for something more substantial.


5. Carry on walking down towards the sea; passing (or stopping in at) The Lord Nelson Pub.

6. At the bottom of this road you have some options; to walk along the road, the promenade or the beach. As long as you keep the sea on your left, you can’t go wrong.

7. Once you reach the end of the road/promenade, at Gunhill Beach Kiosk; again, you can choose your path. For a flatter road surface and greater accessibility take the right hand path up onto Ferry Road. To walk through the dunes go straight ahead. As before, as long as the sea is on your left you’re heading the right way.

8. You will arrive at the Harbour Quay Car Park, home of the Southwold Lifeboat Museum as well as the current lifeboat station. Turn right and continue onto the Harbour Road, keeping the river on your left.

  • Mrs T’s fish & chip shop: Well worth braving the queues for (always a good sign anyway); this fish and chip shop on the Harbour front is a must for visitor and residents alike. Perch on the seating outside or find a spot along the river to watch the boats go by and enjoy some of the best fish and chips Suffolk has to offer.


Even if you haven’t stopped at every place recommended I hope by now you are well and truly full! If not fully laden with bags of goodies. Luckily it’s just a short jaunt back to the starting place: Continue along the road towards the Harbour Inn and the end of the route. You’ve definitely earned another pint.


Foodie walk in Southwold: 3 miles
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