There was excitement in the staffroom as, for the second time in a week, a box of goodies arrived for a sampling.

Guessing the contents of the box, I was tempted to squirrel it away in a classroom cupboard and take it home for my own enjoyment. However to the delight of my colleagues, and with only a mild reluctance on my part, we all gathered round to taste the latest offering from Shaken Udder.

salted caramel

Shaken Udder milkshakes are the creation of husband and wife team; Howie and Jodie based in Maldon, Essex. After finding the supermarket shelves full of milkshakes containing undesirable ingredients – e numbers, maize starch and artificial flavours – and lacking in taste they set out with the aim to create ‘Britain’s best milkshake.’

From their origins as a music festival stand nowadays their milkshakes can be found in any number of national supermarkets and shops including Tesco, Waitrose and Co-op.


It was with surprise, then, that I realised many of my colleagues were not aware of the brand. I am often accused of being a food snob but didn’t know it could extend to milkshake too! Although the chocolate and vanilla varieties of Shaken Udder are firm favourites in my house I had yet to try the relatively new salted caramel flavour.


The verdict on taste was almost unanimously positive.  The only real complaints being that it tasted too milky (!) and a little too sweet. In general, though, my colleagues were more than impressed with the sourcing of local ingredients – even down to the salt – and the induglent flavour.  One teacher had us all worried as he thoughtfully sipped his way through a bottle, all the while shaking his head and refusing to say anything other than the word “ridiculous!”  All became clear as he screwed the lid back onto the empty bottle he declared “It’s ridiculous that anything should taste that nice!”

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The general feeling amongst those that sampled can be summed up by the word cloud created from all samplers’ reviews.  I am pleased to report that many of my colleagues have now vowed to seek out other flavours of Shaken Udder to try (Chocolush is not to be missed) and that salted caramel milkshake is a definite win in the staffroom!



Staffroom sampling: Shaken Udder salted caramel milkshake
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