Something I have been keen to do since starting the food blog has been to showcase all the amazing and unique food producers we are lucky to have in Suffolk. So after meeting Rhonda, the lovely lady behind Macaron Bliss, and being blown away by how she manages to inject flavour and colour into her delicious bakes; I  knew she had to be featured!


With this French treat rising in popularity (The cupcake is dead; long live the macaron!) it is fortunate for Macaron Bliss that there are few other companies competing for the macaron market in Suffolk.  It is even more fortunate for us, as local customers, that even fewer companies can compete with Rhonda’s quality and service.


Not the usual overpriced, under-flavoured macarons in various shades of pastel; Macaron Bliss use all natural ingredients: from their homemade, fresh-fruit jams to their hand-tempered ganaches to create little mouthfuls of bliss which taste so vividly of each flavour.


Macaron Bliss fabulously brings a little French luxury to Suffolk – find them on facebook or twitter and keep you eyes peeled for new autumnal flavours – peanut butter sounds like a winner to me!


Q – Tell us about Macaron Bliss:
A – Macaron Bliss makes French style macarons filled with a variety of homemade ganaches and preserves. As well as gifts and indulgent treats, I can cater for weddings and parties, towers are very popular as are wedding favours.  mint-white-choc
Q – What prompted you to begin making macarons?
A – I of course love Suffolk but I also have a passion for France and guess I am a bit of a Francophile! Paris is my favourite city which is where I tasted my first macaron at the Biscuiterie de Montmartre and it was divine!  That experience inspired me and I knew I had to try these at home…which I did and the results weren’t bad!


Q – How did you begin your business?
A –When I discovered I could actually make macarons it appeared to me that there was a gap in the market with Norwich the nearest place to purchase. I attended my first food fair at Kenton Hall in May 2015 followed by a wedding fair at Glemham Hall.  This led to orders and the business has gradually built up over the 4 months.  espressojpg
Q – Where do you take your influences from? 
A –I use Pierre Hermé method of macaron making and he has also influenced me in respect of the fillings and I like to experiment with new flavours. Where possible colours are natural (sometimes with wedding requests this is not possible – the Ipswich Town blue and white tower for example!). I don’t use preservatives and use local produce where possible.


Q – How do you source your ingredients?
A – I think it is really important to use the best quality ingredients and wherever possible use local suppliers. The fruit I use is local and the eggs are free range, welfare friendly from the village where I live.  passionfruit
Q – Who is you biggest foodie icon?
A –With regards to macarons without a doubt Pierre Hermé. It may seem a strong opinion but I think he revolutionised the macaron world!  He is experimental and not afraid to try new exciting flavours and mix it up a bit.  He introduced the ‘mogador’ the milk chocolate and passion fruit which is my favourite macaron.  He has given me the inspiration to try something different and I recently came up with the ‘double dipped’ macarons which were very popular at Aldeburgh Food and Drink Festival.      


Q – What is the biggest challenge you face?
A – Time! Trying to fit in fulltime work with running a start-up is very challenging – but I so love this new business that I feel that I rise to the challenge.   Another challenge has been trying to source gift boxes for macarons as they need a special insert which seems one can only purchase from China.


Q – What does the future hold for Macaron Bliss?
A –It’s early days but my next step is to try and establish myself by getting my products into local establishments such as delis and farm shops and build the business in gradual steps. I hope to throw myself into it fulltime after Christmas by taking the leap of faith and leaving work which although a scary prospect of leaving job security it should give me the impetus to make it work.  It is so lovely to hear customers’ positive reaction when tasting my macarons and I want to continue having happy customers by creating new exciting flavours.  I am considering selling online as a long term plan.  I would love people when considering buying a macaron they think of Macaron Bliss as their first port of call….now that would be a real complement! 


Q – What makes Suffolk special for you?
A – So many things! I have lived here all my life and cannot imagine living anywhere else.  I even get homesick when I go on holiday! I love my daily dog walk through the fields and woods often spotting a deer or a hare plus no hills!  Fantastic local produce, the wildlife and nature, the farmed landscape and the heritage coast.  Suffolk is a gem and very special place to me and I count myself as being extraordinarily lucky to live here.
One final word:
Can’t wait to start fulltime and bring macarons to blissful Suffolk!


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